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NDI provides ICT services to 800 business clients in the Randstad from its four branches across the Netherlands. We look after all or part of your ICT, leaving you to focus on the things that matter to you.
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08 January 2018Security issue computers
Dear customer, As announced in various media, a security leak has been discovered affecting nearly all processors produced over the past 15 years. Microsoft has distributed a patch to solve this, but the virusscanner has to support this. NDI will provide all their servers and working stations with the required Windows patch as soon as our virusscanner supports this (this is being worked on), and strongly advices doing the same on all the Windows PCs, laptops and tablets.
19 November 2017Omnummering 06- naar 097-nummers voor MKB en Grootzakelijk Mobiel data only
Binnenkort worden de KPN zakelijke Mobiel Data Only-aansluitingen omgenummerd van een 06-nummer naar een 097-nummer. Dit is onderdeel van een grote operatie om alle aansluitingen voor de zakelijke markt om te nummeren. 
18 October 2017Vulnerability detected in commonly used wifi security
You probably have seen in the media that a wifi vulnerability has been discovered (the ‘KRACK attacks’), which can lead to the interception of all unencrypted network traffic through wifi.   If you are using a wifi connection, it is important to make sure that it is encrypted and secure to prevent abuse.   The good news is that the problem can be solved. In the meantime, many manufacturers are working on updates which can be used to kill the attack.
22 August 2016Fysiomed IT-management
Fysiomed Sportmedisch Centrum is a leading authority in the healthcare and health cure of the human body, both physically and mentally. "A proper and up-to-date IT environment is indispensable in the health sector. The communication with patients, (family) doctors, hospitals etc. has become more and more digitalised. Our hardware and software need to be properly geared to this.