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Hiltermann Lease - Remco Bamert

Hiltermann Lease completely outsources the mobile telephony to NDI ICT Solutions. “That is, of course, a market in which the providers almost roll over each other,” says financial manager Remco Bamert. “NDI is a beacon of peace for us in this respect. They deliver quality and continuously monitor whether our consumption is in line with what we purchase. If savings are possible, NDI also arranges it.”

Quick solutions play a significant role at Hiltermann Lease in the appreciation of NDI. Just as a well-maintained leased car can still fail with a breakdown or in the event of an accident, a telephone can only fall or be stolen once. “Our first aim is always to have a driver on the road as quickly as possible, the same attitude you see at NDI. As soon as one of my colleagues or I phone, a solution is always offered immediately. We have a lot of people working outside, so it is nice that you can rely on such a partner.”