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Implementation & Migration

In practice
Are you planning to relocate or merge? Or perhaps you need a new system? NDI can arrange the full implementation and migration. We have more than 15 years of experience in the implementation of changes in ICT environments, including complex migrations. We know what to look out for and what is most important to you during such processes. During migration or implementation, you can continue to focus on what really matters for your organisation.

NDI applies flexible approach in everything it does. Whether it concerns a single process or a project involving multiple branches, with NDI you have the professional quality and personal attention needed for the smooth completion of your implementation or migration process.

What will you get?
Prior to commencement of the work, the NDI project manager draws up a project plan. In discussion with you, we investigate your expectations of the system after delivery. When this is clear, the project plan will be drawn up. The first step is an inventory of your current environment, i.e. your current ICT situation is mapped out.

Thereafter, we describe the desired situation in consultation with you. First we determine the functional requirements in order to establish what requirements the new environment must meet. Subsequently, NDI translates this into a technical design followed by a migration plan. Only then do we start the actual implementation and migration. This is how we apply a structured and well-organised approach, thereby reducing the number of unforeseen circumstances to a minimum. We consider pragmatism of paramount importance.

After the actual migration and implementation, it is important to thoroughly test the new environment – something that we ask you to do. After all, you are best positioned to determine whether everything works as you had envisaged. Before that, NDI has of course pretested the environment to ensure its technical performance is according to specifications.

Once you have completed your tests, NDI makes sure that any necessary changes are made and outstanding issues resolved. It is only then that the implementation and/or migration has been completed, prompting us to officially hand over the new environment to the managing organisation. This organisation can be NDI itself, your ICT department or a third party.

Please contact us and we will reach to you to discuss the posibilities or to make an appointment for a visit.