Do you have a separate supplier and corresponding contacts and specialists for every single ICT service? Would you prefer a central point of contact for all your ICT-related issues? If so, NDI is perfect for you.

In practice
We provide advice about the best ICT solutions, we manage IT environments, we supply Remote Office as a service, develop customised software, and we supply software and hardware as well as internet, mobile telephony and TV. We have been doing this for more than twenty years now, with personal dedication. Changes and requests are often implemented immediately and, depending on what has been agreed, our specialists are on breakdown standby 24 hours a day.

Our services can be entirely adjusted to your organisation’s development. Have you moved to a new office or have you hired a new member of staff? We will examine whether this fits within your current ICT infrastructure. And whatever you may need, we can supply it. That just goes without saying.

What will you get?
NDI lightens the load. We prevent ICT from ever becoming a burden to your organization. If broken computers, a slow Internet connection or safeguarding the security of your data are consuming your time, we are the partner you’ve been looking for.

Our basic principle is that you should only need to be concerned with the aspects of your core business. We make that possible. Whether you have your own ICT department or not, NDI provides support, service and advice on all ICT matters.

You are always busy achieving your corporate objectives. A long-term strategy demands quite a lot from your organisation and as such, from your ICT. Arranging information streams, automating processes, and communications are crucial aspects in reaching your goals. We understand this and think along with your organization, so that together, we can implement the systems that meet your needs.

We believe a long-term relationship is essential in the quest for finding the best ICT solutions. We aim to create a partnership, so that, together with our clients, we can find the right solution.

Call +31 (0)88 088-4300 for an appointment or send us an e-mail at interesse@ndi.nl. We are happy to visit your organisation to discuss the best solution for you.