NDI Remote Backup is an NDI service that removes any worries you may have about the availability of your business data. Each day, a backup is made to one of our secure data centres and we make sure your data is not lost.


Only pay for what you use! You do not pay for initial overcapacity, only for the data that is backed up. You buy a data bundle in advance (in increments of 10 GB), which you can downgrade or upgrade on a monthly basis.

What will you get?

You are guaranteed a daily backup of the most important data. If you buy management services from NDI, we make daily checks to assure you that all your data is indeed backed up. When you manage your environment by yourself, we will send you the backup logs. In case there should be any unforeseen problems, we will solve them for you. You no longer have to change tapes and take them out of the building.

When you lose a file or it becomes damaged, NDI will recover it for you, fast. All you have to do is tell us which file it concerns and in which folder it can or could be found, and we will make sure you can read the most recent version from your backup.

You don’t have to invest in new backup solutions or tapes. Maintenance and support are also included in the monthly fee. Full tapes, insufficient backup capacity and write-offs are a thing of the past. The costs are based on a fixed monthly fee for backup capacity used. Your information is compressed before it is stored, keeping the service cost-effective. NDI likes to make your life easier, also in terms of data protection.


Please contact us and we will reach to you to discuss the posibilities or to make an appointment for a visit.