What kind of value can KPN One offer you?
What kind of value can KPN One offer you?
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The time when a company buys a telephone switchboard, screws it to the wall and writes it off economically and technically within five years is over. As a consumer today, it has become normal to pay for what you use, and in many services, we see this coming back every day. We want the same flexibility and clarity in our business life.

Paying for what you use, is that typical Dutch thrift? No, it is our business operations that require much more flexibility and are subject to growth, shrinkage, short-term employment contracts and flexible workers. Additional high-speed digitisation of processes in our company makes our needs different. All these changes require flexibility from people and services.

It is more often the rule than the exception that a company purchases different telecom and IT services from various parties. Not only does this require a lot of time from the IT managers and the entrepreneurs, but also a lot of effort. Besides, not every entrepreneur has the time and need to deal with this; to keep a close eye on all new technologies and services. Is there a solution for this jungle of needs and flexibility issues?

Yes, there is! KPN started KPN One in 2013, a service that began with the Hosted telephony and mobile modules, but has grown into a complete package of telephone and IT services for the SME market by 2019.

A switchboard in the Cloud with the reliability and quality we are used to from our trusted ISDN switchboard. A perfect fixed-mobile (VAMO) integration ensures that we can be reached anywhere on our fixed telephone number and can, therefore, work anywhere. Calling from a mobile device with your fixed telephone number also ensures that you don’t spend a hodgepodge of numbers on your business contacts. Even the highly appreciated Business-voicemail is included in the KPN One service. An additional advantage is that you can extend both on fixed device users and mobile subscriptions, but you can also scale down 25% on an annual basis. Exactly the flexibility that an entrepreneur is looking for.

In addition to problems with telephony, companies regularly lack flexibility when it comes to working everywhere. Complex VPN networks and firewalls make it possible to work from home or to view a document on the server while on the road. However, many services and software do not make management simpler or cheaper. With a switch to the Microsoft Office 365 environment, it is easier to work on the road and share your files more securely with colleagues or business relations. Licenses for Office 365 can be purchased within KPN One and often provide an answer to security and compliance issues.

For employees who demand even more from their IT environment and workplace, there is also a Microsoft 365 Workplace within KPN One. Within a few minutes, a complete Windows 10 workstation with all conceivable policies within the company will be rolled out. One workstation more or less, it is realised within a few minutes, and that server on the company can now be switched off and never needs to be replaced again. Still an application that requires a local server? A hybrid environment or a fast VPS (Virtual Private Server) from KPN One is also possible.

Ensuring that all these IT services work properly, it is important to have a good, stable internet connection. From KPN One, there is a wide range of trusted internet connections. A single contract, scalability, a single duration and, above all, a single point of contact for all services that makes life as an entrepreneur simpler and more flexible – all this is possible with KPN One.

Would you like to know more about what KPN One can do for your company? NDI ICT Solutions is Excellence Business Partner of KPN and has already introduced KPN One to many companies with a high NPS score. Our expert account managers and consultants will be happy to help you and who knows, I might be at your table soon. By the way, I drink my cappuccino with sugar.

Have a nice day,

Regards, Jan Staphorst.