Shorten the lines between customer and colleague with modern telephony

30 Dec , 2020 Servicemanagement

Do you ever wonder how reachable you really are for your customers? Of course, it’s nice if you don’t have to worry about that. Good news: nowadays that’s not necessary at all. There are several user-friendly solutions to give your reachability an enormous boost. We’ll highlight some of the best business options for you. Cloud […]

Why customer experience is central to everything we do

3 Nov , 2020 Servicemanagement,Partners in Telecom,NDI ICT Solutions

ICT plays a leading role in every organization. Companies should, therefore, always be able to rely on their ICT, without restrictions or other hassles. Good service is consequently central to everything we do. Our service manager Wouter van Huis talks about what he does to offer our customers the very best experience so that they […]