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Reference Draijer Makelaardij

Draijer Makelaardij & Vastgoedbeheer has existed for over 120 years and is a well-known name in Amsterdam and its surroundings. The company is specialised in mediating in buying and selling real estate and performing valuations. In addition to buying and selling, they also manage for more than a hundred clients.

During the request to move an ISDN line, it emerged that the telephone exchange and the server were outdated. It was necessary to renew both to avoid problems in the future.

Initially, the company chose to buy new servers and maintain them itself. NDI made a comparison between this solution and Office 365. In the end, Office 365 proved to be the right solution, and Draijer Makelaardij & Vastgoedbeheer no longer has to worry about maintenance.

In addition to Office 365, we also opted for hosted telephony and a fibre-optic connection. The latter was a well-considered choice. Draijer Makelaardij & Vastgoedbeheer does everything via the cloud. A good internet connection is therefore important, as is the use of a number of software packages. All employees must be able to work in this simultaneously; they can also continue to use these programs with Office 365.