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Relocation Natuur & Milieu

Natuur & Milieu believes in a beautiful, healthy and sustainable world where we can all live, work and do business together without harming people, nature or the environment. The work of Natuur & Milieu focuses on three themes, in which significant climate and environmental issues are expressed, namely energy, mobility and food.

Last year Natuur & Milieu moved to another building, and during this move, NDI made a considerable contribution. The combination of all services, the speed of the internet and the quality were ultimately the decisive factors for us to have NDI take this up. Besides providing internet, telephony and wifi, NDI also supervised the entire relocation. The telephony, previously in the hands of another provider, is also provided by NDI since the move. Natuur & Milieu found all services under one roof quite convenient.

Natuur & Milieu also takes into account a number of requirements in the field of sustainability, including the Rank a Brand score. Rank a Brand, an independent organisation that compares sustainability and social responsibility, gives a positive rating to a limited number of hardware suppliers. This score determines the purchase of hardware and is therefore taken into account when offering new products. Ultimately, NDI was held against this yardstick, and it turned out that the new hardware meets the requirements imposed.

Every week NDI is present on location for half a day to support the employees of Natuur & Milieu wherever necessary. This allows NDI to remain involved and also contribute significantly to daily business.