Weleda improves accessibility with VaMo from NDI
Weleda improves accessibility with VaMo from NDI
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Weleda Benelux SE is a multinational active in the pharmaceutical industry. The Zoetermeer-based organization produces medicines based on natural ingredients. To be optimally accessible, the organization recently opted for VaMo from KPN ÉÉN via NDI. Onno Rietveld, IT manager within the organization, tells more about the successful collaboration.

Improving accessibility 

“Until recently, fixed and mobile telephony were separate worlds,” says Onno. “We didn’t find that convenient. Colleagues are not always near the landline, but that does not mean that they are not available. It’s nice when calls are forwarded to the cell phone, so you don’t have to miss a call. That’s why we decided to integrate fixed and mobile telephony. We then started looking for an IT partner who could fully support us in this”.

Customization as a prerequisite 

Brand-independent advice was an important factor in the search for the right IT partner. Onno: “We wanted to be sure that our issues were solved to the best. Customization was essential to us. That’s why NDI was the perfect partner. We discussed our wishes and requirements. They then looked for the best fixed-mobile integration (VaMo) solution.

Accessible without interruption

KPN ÉÉN offers many advantages in these times of working from home. Onno: “As a company, we had to switch quickly to working from home, just like everyone else. Thanks to fixed-mobile integration, our accessibility hardly suffered at all. Calls on the landline are automatically forwarded to the cell phone. So our colleagues remained accessible.

Mission accomplished 

The new VaMo solution precisely meets Weleda’s requirements and wishes. “Both internally and externally we have been able to improve our accessibility significantly”, Onno notices. “Colleagues can be reached on one fixed number, which we also use to call outside the company’s telephone network system. That communicates a lot more efficiently and clearly. We never have to miss a call again. Really super.

Pleasant collaboration

Weleda looks back on the cooperation with NDI with a good feeling. “We are pleased with all the personal attention and support. NDI has thought along with us proactively throughout the entire process. This way, we knew for sure that we would quickly find the best solution for our problem. We certainly did. If ever we have a question, we know we can turn to NDI for support. An ideal situation, because that also helps us to remain accessible and productive.

Also easier accessible?

Do you also want to be reachable on one number for fixed and mobile, without hassle? We are happy to arrange that for you. Call us for an appointment on 088-088 43 00 or email us at interesse@ndi.nl.