This is how Wifi-as-a-Service improves your services
This is how Wifi-as-a-Service improves your services
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At the office, you want to be able to use your laptop and smartphone quickly and securely, right? That’s why all want is to be sure that your wifi network is always up to date, without hassle. Difficult? Not with Wifi-as-a-Service. It manages your entire wifi network for you, so you get the most out of your wireless connections. We’ll be happy to tell you what to expect.

Wifi-as-a-Service – what exactly is it?

Most companies have long since stopped using fixed internet cables in the office. After all, workstations increasingly consist of laptops and smartphones, and that’s when a wifi network is nice. Not only does it have to be fast, have full coverage and be secure, but it also has to be easily scalable as it grows. Managing all these things yourself can take quite a bit of time, which is why people often choose to outsource them; Wifi-as-a-service. That offers quite a few advantages:

  • Wifi you can rely on

    You may have noticed that the wifi coverage in parts of your office is not optimal. This can have to do with all sorts of things, from weak signal strength to insulation in the building. Unfortunately, you don’t have much time to figure this out and solve it yourself. With Wifi-as-as-Service you don’t have to. We take measurements, after which we know how to optimize the coverage in your office. This way, we can solve this for you in no time at all, and you’ll be productive and reachable anywhere.

  • Working safely with the latest updates

    Did you know that it is essential to update your wifi network regularly? Updates close vulnerabilities in the router’s software, keeping prying eyes out. Sometimes, however, these updates are overlooked. With Wifi-as-a-Service you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Remotely, your network is continuously updated with the latest updates. This way, you avoid misery such as ransomware and hacks, and your data and the customer’s data remain secure.

  • Super easy upscaling

    Have you recently changed the number of workstations, or do you plan to do so? Then your wifi must fit the new situation. This will prevent you from having too little bandwidth to allow everyone to continue working. But how do you do that and what do you need to pay attention to? You guessed; this too Wifi-as-a-Service solves for you. This way, you always make the best choice, and you and your colleagues can keep working. If only everything were that easy!

  • Monitoring your network

    Wifi networks not only help you with your productivity; you can also use them to provide insight into traffic and usage on your system. With Wifi-as-a-Service that’s even easier. Through a clear dashboard, you can see how many users your network has, how long they use your network for, which devices they are connected to and much more. These insights help you set up your Wi-Fi network even more efficiently, so you get even more out of your wireless network.

Why choose NDI’s Wifi-as-a-Service?

  • Save time and effort by managing from advice to support
  • Always online thanks to a fast and stable network
  • Always work safely with the latest security updates
  • Are you starting a new club staff? You can scale up in no time
  • Optimal insight into your network status through a dashboard

Want to know more?

Do you want an up-to-date wifi network, but without hassle? We can arrange it for you. Please contact us. Call us for an appointment on 088-088 43 00 or email us at interesse@ndi.nl.