Providers are getting ready to step up 5G
Providers are getting ready to step up 5G
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Following Vodafone’s announcement of last year to ban the entire 3G network by February 2020, KPN also announced that they would stop offering 3G. As the use of 3G is decreasing, they have decided to discontinue the network as of January 2022. The frequencies currently used for 3G will be used for the 4G network, which will make 4G even faster, safer and more stable.

With all current smartphones you buy from KPN, you can automatically use the internet via the 4G network. To be able to make calls over 4G, you need a smartphone that supports this. Please note that not every 4G smartphone supports calling over 4G (VoLTE). If you have any questions about this, we will be happy to help you.

Vodafone introduces 5G subscriptions

At the beginning of March, Vodafone introduces its 5G-ready subscriptions for consumers and business customers. For all new and existing Vodafone customers with a Red (Pro) subscription, access to 5G will be free of charge. Besides, there will be an unlimited subscription. Vodafone also offers the first 5G-ready device: the Samsung S20 in three variants. In preparation for the arrival of 5G, Vodafone continues to invest heavily in its mobile network.

Following the arrival of the 5G-ready devices, Vodafone will also make its subscriptions 5G-ready for consumers and the business market from the beginning of March. Marcel de Groot, Director Consumer Market VodafoneZiggo: ‘For existing and new clients with a Red (Pro) subscription, access to 5G will be added at no extra costs. Our customers with a 5G-capable device will be able to use 5G as soon as our GigaNet is ready later this year. In this way, we will bring 5G one step closer in the Netherlands, as its launch is just a matter of time’.

Vodafone wants to introduce 5G for its customers as soon as possible but is not yet able to make any concrete announcements about the timing of the launch at this stage.

T-Mobile is 5G ready!

T-Mobile is also currently rolling out a renewed network supporting 5G devices. The first two years, 5G will not bring impressive speed differences yet. But the first innovative applications of 5G are very interesting, for example, Internet of Things, augmented and virtual reality and Smart City applications. To help develop these kinds of concepts and innovations, T-Mobile is actively working together with business partners.

To get access to the T-Mobile 5G network as soon as it is available, you need an associated 5G-ready subscription. For entrepreneurs, @Work is the most suitable subscription because it can be seamlessly integrated on mobile now or in the future. Within @Work you can make use of 5G with the Unlimited and Unlimited Plus bundles.

@Work Unlimited (Plus) is more than a bundle. It offers entrepreneurs carefree unlimited mobile data in the Netherlands at the maximum possible speed. T-Mobile ensures that the Unlimited bundles are 5G-ready as soon as possible, which means that users of these bundles will be 5G-ready from that moment on and will have access to the T-Mobile 5G network as soon as it is available. This applies to existing and new customers, the current @Work Unlimited (Plus) bundles and the previous versions. It also means that customers with a limited @Work bundle can simply adjust their bundle to Unlimited (Plus) each billing period and thus access the 5G network as soon as it is available.