How do you truly handle an overflowing mailbox in a smart way?
How do you truly handle an overflowing mailbox in a smart way?
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Overflowing mailboxes are rightly one of the working day’s biggest stress factors, putting a serious brake on your productivity and job satisfaction. So how do you deal with it intelligently? Don’t worry – there are several ways to get a lot more overview in your mailbox. We listed several of them for you. 

  1. Do not work from your mailbox
    The first tip immediately seems the most contradictory. Isn’t it wise to get rid of all those emails as quickly as possible? The answer is “no.” You are inclined to work in a hurry, and that is bad for your focus. Not every email needs your full attention immediately. Choose a few moments during the day to look in your mailbox. This brings us straight to the next point:
  2. Select your emails based on priority 
    Emails come in all shapes and sizes. Important emails, less important emails, advertising, spam … You name it. Therefore, when checking your email, decide which emails need priority and respond to them first. This way, you maintain an overview and limit the workload to what needs attention first. The rest comes later—ideal for reducing your stress level.
  3. Unsubscribe from mailings you don’t read 
    It sounds like an open door, but not everyone thinks about it. Think about all those newsletters you receive. Once informative, now mainly a digital millstone. The simple solution: unsubscribe from all those mailings you never look at anyway. This way, you clean up your mailbox and keep it organized. And that works just a little nicer.
  4. Classify emails automatically via rules 
    Notifications, newsletters, unnecessary cc-s; many of these emails are meant purely for information, but in the meantime, can make your mailbox overflow. You can prevent this by setting rules, for example, based on sender or keywords. With these rules, you can ensure that certain emails automatically end up in the specified folders. Also, in this way, you keep a grip on and an overview of your inbox and only see really important emails.
  5. Update your email security
    In the huge pile of emails, you suddenly see an email from your bank. You are in a hurry, don’t pay attention, open the mail, and suddenly all your files are encrypted. That email did not really come from your bank but hasty scammers. You can prevent the risk of these so-called phishing emails with the proper email security. What do you need to do? Call NDI because we make sure you don’t have to worry about these kinds of emails.   

Want to know more? 

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