This is how Microsoft Azure keeps your cloud solutions up-to-date
This is how Microsoft Azure keeps your cloud solutions up-to-date
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A healthy infrastructure makes it easier for your colleagues to work from home. Of course, you want to be able to set up, monitor, and manage them as you wish, right? Microsoft Azure will help you; allows you to set up your entire cloud infrastructure the way you want it. We would like to tell you more about how Azure supports your colleagues.

First of all, what exactly is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is a collection of online services that allow you to build your cloud infrastructure; allowing you to run, fine-tune, and remotely manage all parts of your IT. Think of your storage, databases, networking, security, apps, your complete IT environment, or even AI + machine learning. There are currently more than 200+ Azure products available. Let’s take a look at what Microsoft Azure means for working in the cloud.

Your infra always made to measure

Because the organization is continually changing, the IT needs also change. Think of the number of cloud workstations needed, certain services that (temporarily) need more computing power or the rollout of new business apps. With Azure, you can distribute things like connection speeds, scale, storage space, and workloads to all your colleagues. You can also develop your own apps to digitize specific processes. Easy creation of virtual desktops

Do you want to set up cloud workplaces quickly and in a cost-effective manner?

Take a look at Windows Virtual Desktop. This allows you to virtualize Windows 10 desktops and apps based on Azure. As a result, these tools are also available remotely. What’s really handy is that several colleagues can log into a virtualized Windows 10 environment at the same time, each with their own desktop. This is not only super-efficient but can also quickly lead to nice savings in hardware investments.

Ideal in combination with Microsoft 365

Azure, in combination with Microsoft 365 offers an excellent total solution for setting up cloud workplaces, allowing you to benefit from useful tools such as Office 365 and Microsoft Teams, as well as various security solutions. At the same time, you have a grip on everything you need to make these tools run quickly and smoothly, thus creating a comprehensive IT environment in the cloud. Super flexible, future-proof, and highly efficient.

Cost-effective and scalable

For the use of Azure services, you pay a fixed amount per month, without prior investment. If you need more capacity, scaling up is a piece of cake. On an operational level, too, you set up your IT in a much more flexible way. However, Microsoft Azure may require a little more technical knowledge. It goes without saying that we are ready to support you from A to Z with this. If you want, we’ll even take full control of it for you.

How can we help you?

Within Azure, the possibilities are virtually endless. That offers many opportunities for your organization. If you want to know more about that, please contact us.