NDI as KPN ÉÉN Excellence Partner

Convenience under one roof, KPN Excellence Partners go further than just advising. They also take care of the installation, invoicing and service; they are your personal point of contact for all your KPN ÉÉN  questions. They do exactly what we do best, and partly because of that, we have the honor to call ourselves KPN ÉÉN Excellence partner.

Because we are an Excellence Partner, you can benefit from several significant advantages:

  • More customization in the interpretation of our services
  • A fixed point of contact for integrated services
  • A clear and unambiguous service
  • Unambiguous communication

With an NPS score of +48, NDI is the best scoring partner of 2019. We are happy to help you put together the KPN ÉÉN solution that best and most successfully suits you and your company.

After the transition to KPN ÉÉN, 40% of users with a fixed number no longer have a landline but use their mobile phone – this gives us the flexibility to work from home with the same accessibility as in the office. NDI has guided us very well in the roll-out of this.

Onno Rietveld  IT manager Weleda Netherlands