Have custom apps built with Microsoft Power Apps
Have custom apps built with Microsoft Power Apps
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Apps let you work anywhere, making them a hugely important part of the modern workplace. Of course, you can do even better if you can have your ideal apps built yourself. NDI has chosen Microsoft Power Apps for this. Microsoft Power Apps allows us to create customized apps in no time, making it easier for you and your colleagues to work.  

Building apps   

Microsoft Power Apps works with Microsoft 365. NDI uses it to build apps, such as apps for your productivity and accessibility, or apps to make your processes more efficient. In this way, you can design your online work environment in an even more customized way, and your colleagues will work easier and faster. 

Link with data sources  

Microsoft Power Apps can easily use existing data sources, such as those in your Dynamics 365 environment. Of course, you can also have data used from numerous other sources, such as Microsoft 365, SharePoint or SQL Server. One of the advantages of this is that you can automate specific processes super fast and make decisions more quickly based on factual data.   

How does that work in practice?  

The added value of Microsoft Power Apps is best revealed through real-life examples. In these three fictional cases, we explain how it works in more detail:  

  • Updating customer info: Jansen Support performs technical maintenance on machines. The company has had its service app built, which is linked to its CRM system. Engineers on location at this company can register technical problems via the app. This information is immediately added to the CRM system, after which further measures are taken.  
  • Reservation of flex places: ProFlex is a provider of flexible workstations. The organization has had an app developed for reserving flexible workplaces. Users of the apps can easily see available dates and flexible workplaces, which provides great convenience.  
  • Leave requests: Pieterse BV employees can use this app to request leave and view the leave requests of other colleagues. Manually submitting requests is therefore no longer necessary, making the process much easier and more efficient. 

Part of the Power Platform  

Microsoft Power Apps is part of the Microsoft Power Platform, including Power Automate and the business intelligence tool Power BIPower Apps can easily be combined with these other two solutions. For example, you can structure data from Power Apps and display it in Power BI, which provides even greater efficiency.  

Quickly build your own apps as well?   

For convenience, we have limited ourselves to the basics of Power Apps for now. However, the possibilities are much more extensive. Want to know more and want to know what benefits Power Apps might have for your organization? Let us know, and we will help you from start to finish.