Exchange Online Protection: never again bothered by unwanted e-mail
Exchange Online Protection: never again bothered by unwanted e-mail
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You’re not in for junk mail, are you? Spam, phishing e-mails and infected attachments can cause quite a few frustrations and risks. Before you know it, you’ll have a data breach because you didn’t recognize those phishing e-mails. You just don’t want that. With the Microsoft 365 solution: Exchange Online Protection, you can easily solve that. We’d like to explain how to you.

What exactly is Exchange Online Protection?

Exchange Online Protection (EOP) is a filter for your e-mail. This tool checks incoming and outgoing e-mail for all kinds of harmful and irritating things, such as spam and malware. If such a type of e-mail is recognized, it will automatically be deleted immediately. In this way, you protect your company against threats from outside and inside.

How does EOP work exactly?

Via EOP you can set up all kinds of filters to protect your e-mail. For example, you can set up filters based on IP addresses, e-mail addresses and keywords, and even based on someone’s reputation. Similar filters can be set for outgoing e-mail. This way, you can easily apply strict control to your business communications. This is, of course, good news for your data security.

End unsolicited e-mail from outside

The amount of spam sent every day is enormous, but of course, you already knew that. Take a look in the spam folder of, for example, your Gmail. You do not even want to think about starting your workday by manually deleting all those e-mails, right? EOP solves that for you. Also, malware and phishing mails are removed immediately; the chance that you accidentally open that real looking phishing mail becomes a lot less.

Protection against spam from the inside

EOP not only protects you against unwanted mail from the outside but also from the inside. Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that your colleagues are involved in sending spam. Without you knowing it, your organization could end up on the blacklist of customers. That’s pretty sour for your service, accessibility and company image. However, EOP offers many possibilities for this as well, so you can continue working as usual.

Sounds great! How do I get EOP?

EOP is available through Microsoft 365 Business, the complete workspace solution from Microsoft. In addition to EOP, this total solution offers many more useful tools that allow your colleagues to work safely. Of course, we are happy to tell you more about it.

Would you like to know more?

Would you like to know more about the advantages of EOP and Microsoft 365 Business? Then please contact us. Call us for an appointment on 088-088 43 00.