Automate time-consuming routine tasks via Microsoft Power Automate
Automate time-consuming routine tasks via Microsoft Power Automate
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You work really well when you can fully focus on core processes—everything else you prefer to spend as little time on. Automation can be the answer. That may sound complex, but it’s not at all. Our experts will support you fully with Microsoft Power Automate, the tool with which you can automate countless time-consuming processes.  

Create your own workflow   

Your service is created through countless daily processes and collaborations. Think about sharing email attachments, storing files in environments like Teams and SharePoint, and making decisions based on data. The more effectively these processes and collaborations are set up, the more efficient your organization will be. Microsoft Power Automate makes that possible. It allows you to automate these manual processes based on workflows that you put together yourself.  

How exactly does that work?  

Microsoft Power Automate makes it possible to connect hundreds of apps and services. Complex? It certainly isn’t. We do it for you. Together with you, we look at your processes and how you can save time. Then we build the right connections so that these tasks run automatically from now on. And all that without you having to worry about whether you have the proper programming knowledge.   

What is the advantage of this?  

You spend a lot of time on routine tasks every day without noticing. You have to download attachments manually and save them in the correct folder. The same goes for documents you want to upload to Teams. Updates on your sales board? You only see them if you check them proactively. The time you spend on that could be put to better use, right? Automate these, and you’ll eliminate manual work. In doing so, you save a lot of time while ensuring that all processes run just as they should.  

How does that work in practice?  

There are plenty of examples. With Microsoft Power Automate, you can choose to receive a notification when a colleague has modified a document in Teams. You can also choose to receive the most important headlines from your industry via email every morning. Receive notifications about specific emails, essential to do’s or responses to action items in Teams and SharePoint? Microsoft Power Automate makes it possible. You’ll work easier, faster, more error-free and a lot more efficiently.   

Part of Microsoft Power Platform  

Microsoft Power Automate is part of the Microsoft Power Platform, which also consists of Power BI, Power Apps and Power Virtual Agents. This provides you with modern tools to automate processes and analyse the obtained data, enabling you to make better-informed decisions and work faster towards your goals. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we know all about these handy tools.   

Want to work smarter as well?  

Would you like to spend less time on routine tasks? Let us know, and our experts will get to work for you. This way, you will quickly bring efficiency and, above all, convenience into your organization.