Microsoft 365

Access to the latest Office applications anytime, anywhere; always the newest version of Microsoft Office on all your devices. NDI offers Microsoft 365 with support, for a fixed fee per month. Is a new employee starting tomorrow but have you forgotten to have a new email address created? Does that offer have to be sent today, but you can’t reach it remotely? Then Microsoft 365 with support from NDI is for you.


In practice

Microsoft 365 support from NDI has three different variants. For a fixed amount per month, you buy an Microsoft 365 license per user, supplemented with the chosen NDI support variant. Changing passwords, creating email addresses, solving functional problems or additional user support – with one call to the service desk we ensure efficient handling.


Flexible use

With Microsoft 365, you will always have the latest version of Office applications at your fingertips. Each license can be allocated to five devices. With this cloud service, you have all the data you need at home, in the office, or on the go.


What will you get?

Microsoft 365 is suitable for PC, Mac OS and as an app for tablet or smartphone. You will always have the full range of trusted Office applications at your fingertips. These services are offered per user on a subscription basis. With this cloud solution, the user’s required applications run locally at the workstation or on the server. However, the data is primarily stored in the cloud. This means that when a document is opened, it is downloaded or synchronized to the local environment via an internet connection, after which the file can be used. Conversely, when saving, the data will be uploaded in the background or synchronized to the specified location within Microsoft 365.



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