Every month Chris van Hattum takes on the challenge to engage in a sport with a relationship of NDI. For this first edition Chris joins Jurrijn Laan for a kickboxing training session. Jurrijn is director and owner of the Nefli Group and a customer of NDI for many years.


Amateur, (ex) professional or .........?
Twenty years ago I squashed a lot. Unfortunately due to a knee injury I was forced to quit playing squash. A couple of months ago I started with rowing, a really nice sport, especially when you find your balance. When Chris asked me to do a workout together, I thought it would be fun to do a game of squash. It appeared that Chris hadn't played squash for a long time so we were a good competition for each other.

What makes your sport so much fun to do?
The good thing about squash is the pace of the game and the challenge of shape and maneuverability.

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Who are you and what does your company do?
I am Rob Bresser, after selling our company (real estate asset management Foram) I followed an education in New York to become a (Body-oriented) trainer and therapist. From my perspective, being more aware of my body gave me more wisdom besides peace and energy. Under the name of Core-in-Business I offer trainings and workshops for business professionals. The goal is to let more people experience the benefits I have experienced.

What dream do you have with your company?
Understanding and respecting your own body provides a better connection with everything and everyone. This benefits your job, your business as well as your private life. My passion is to help people with this.

What do you miss in the field of ICT?
Honestly, on this moment nothing.

Is there something Chris van Hattum could do better next time?
I think this was great fun and a pleasant initiative of Chris to make our business relationship even better, more personal and interesting. Don't change it, keep it like this.

Which sport, and why, is the best for NDI?
It could be squash, fast and flexible but a sport that fits NDI even better is rowing. From my previous company I have (international) professional experience with NDI since 1997. In cooperating they will go for the best results whilst maintaining a good balance. Thinking along, practical solutions and a pleasant team fit them well.

For more information about Core-in-Business please check their website: