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Software Development

In practice
The inventory that will form the basis for the functional design is carried out in the Netherlands. Everything will be discussed with you and adjusted where required. Subsequently, the technical design and programming is outsourced to our partner in South America. However, we are and continue to be your point of contact, at all times. You test the software and delivery follows once you approve it.

One-off or permanent
Software development by NDI can be entirely adjusted to your organisation’s development. Whether it concerns a one off process or the continued development of software including hosting and management, NDI software development puts this flexibility within your reach.

What you get?
Our software team guides you in creating a clear picture of the functional requirements. For which processes does the software provide a solution? What is the intended result and what is the best method to achieve it? These are questions that need answering before we start working on the technical aspects.

Once the functionality has been mapped out, a simulation is created of the software or website. This creates an impression of what the final result will look like. By visualising and testing at this early stage, modifications and adjustments can be made in time.

The actual programming of the software is outsourced to our partner in South America. This is a Dutch company, so there won’t be any language or communication barriers. However, prices are much lower compared to arranging the development here in the Netherlands.

At the end of the process, the software is delivered and thoroughly tested, both technically and functionally. Modifications are made and implemented based on these results, after which the final version is delivered.

Software is always subject to management – problems can occur due to new versions of operating systems or if you want to add new functionalities. These are important matters to think about before starting to build customised software. NDI has experience in this and will discuss this with you from the outset. Our service desk is the point of contact for the management of your software or website, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Please contact us and we will reach to you to discuss the posibilities or to make an appointment for a visit.