In practice

Remote Office by NDI uses the Internet to provide you with access to your documents, e-mails and centralised agenda 24 hours a day, across the globe. Changes and requests are often implemented immediately and, depending on what has been agreed, our specialists are on breakdown standby 24 hours a day.


Remote Office by NDI will be entirely adjusted to your organisation’s development. Is your business growing? New recruits will have access to the necessary files within one hour. And the same applies if your staffing numbers temporarily decline. That just goes without saying. This flexibility is within reach for a fixed monthly fee.

What will you get?

Each customer is given a personal, highly secure, virtual server environment in the data centre, which you access via the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). Your files and e-mail are fully protected, as are your settings and software. Your desktop and any open applications will be the same as when you closed the RDP session.

All processing is carried out in the data centre and only the keyboard strokes, mouse movements and screen information are sent over the Internet. Hence the work station requirements are less. This solution works on PCs and Macs, as well as on tablets and smartphones.

When you use NDI Remote Office, you no longer need to purchase and replace your own servers. The entire exploitation, maintenance and management of the server environment are the responsibility of NDI. Expansion of capacity such as RAM or storage can be easily adjusted to your requirements and is done entirely by NDI. The servers are located in a data centre which is secured against flooding and smoke and fire damage and monitored 24/7.

All servers are doubled up, with daily backups from these servers to an external data centre. In the event of an emergency, your data is secure. You no longer need to worry about your server space, electricity costs, cooling and cabling, licences, new software versions etc.

In addition to all the above, Remote Office is ISO 27001 certified and you can be sure that your data will be safe.


Please contact us and we will reach to you to discuss the posibilities or to make an appointment for a visit.