How long can you survive without a smartphone? In modern-day society, smartphones and tablets take up a more prominent position than the computer in the office. As self-evident as it is to make proper arrangements concerning your IT, landline telephones and the Internet, mobile telephony often does not share that same level of organisation. With all the various mobile subscriptions available, you simply cannot see the forest for the trees. You may be paying more than you need to for your smartphone call and data charges, and that's a real pity!

In practice
We understand the quirks of the market as well as the different subscription structures and the options therein. Not only does NDI supply mobile devices, we also arrange for the installation of applications and the configuration of the settings. NDI is happy to analyze your invoice to verify whether you are paying too much. If so desired, we also provide a monthly report with insight into deviations in calling behavior and data use. This enables you to promptly identify any excess consumption, so you can take corrective action and control the costs.

Flexible management
If certainty, accessibility and predictability are important factors for you, then NDI Mobile management ensures that you are in control of your mobile telephone and data subscriptions. In the event of loss or theft, we make sure you are up and running again with a mobile device, including your own data, in no time at all.

What you get?
NDI helps you with everything surrounding your mobile device. These devices are becoming more and more important in our everyday lives. They are used both privately and for business purposes and because NDI understands that the data on your mobile device is the same on your laptop, and therefore equally important, we offer ICT management like you are used to, but for your mobile device instead.

If so desired, we will secure your devices with user profiles, so that only certain, 'safe' software can be installed. If you have lost your smartphone or tablet, we ensure that all data is immediately deleted, where possible. Meanwhile, we will configure a new smartphone for you, uploaded with your own data, so you will be up and running again fast.

Once you are in possession of your own device again, you simply hand in the temporary one. Due to the many telephone provider and subscriptions, it can be difficult to decide what the best and most economical option is for you. NDI fully understands the developments in the Wild West of telecom city and helps you to purchase a subscription that best suits your organization. Perhaps switching would be even better. We let you know.

In order to ensure that you keep control of the charges, NDI carries out invoice analyses. In doing so, we analyze the calling behavior of your staff, thereby identifying any excesses in their early stages. You can sometimes easily save money by simply increasing a data or SMS bundle.

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