Do you employ a full-time IT administrator who helps you to reset your password? Sod's Law is that the mail server will break down when he is on holiday. If this sounds familiar, then IT management by NDI is perfect for you! We will relieve you of all your IT concerns for a fixed monthly fee. We will provide you with a stable and safe IT environment, leaving you to focus on what really matters for your organisation.


In practice
We arrange backup checks, install hardware, software and updates, reset passwords, create new users, answer technical questions and resolve breakdowns. We secure the network and report the status of the systems back to you. All this enables us to decide, in consultation with you, on current and future requirements to ensure the IT environment remains stable and secure.


Flexible management
IT management by NDI can be entirely adjusted to your organisation's development. Is your business growing? We will adjust our services accordingly. And the same applies if your staffing numbers temporarily decline. That speaks for itself, as far as we're concerned. This flexibility is within reach for a fixed monthly fee.


What you get?
Computers need human intervention to perform well. Through its service, NDI arranges the installation, configuration, maintenance and support of your ICT. This concerns equipment such as PCs, servers, smartphones, printers, etc. and software such as Windows, Mac OS, Microsoft Office, virus scanners etc. By managing your ICT proactively, we prevent breakdowns. This is of course in your interest, as well as in the interest of NDI. You can choose from a variety of service packages.


This is our most comprehensive service. By opting for this package, NDI becomes fully responsible for a properly performing IT environment through a combination of proactive monitoring, periodic checks and scheduled maintenance. We fulfil the role of IT manager, without you actually employing one. This service package is available to you for a fixed monthly fee.


We proactively monitor your IT environment 24/7. In the event of a problem, it is rectified (in consultation with you). In addition, NDI can relieve you from the burden of software updates, such as virus scanners and other system software. The service is available for a fixed monthly fee.


Quick response
This is the most basic form of support. As part of an SLA between you and NDI, it is agreed within which time you can expect a response or solution to your problem. In the event of breakdowns or changes, you can call our service desk. This can be typified as response service with all hours invoiced on the basis of actual costs.


Call +31 (0)88 088-4300 for an appointment or send us an e-mail at We are happy to visit your organisation to discuss the best solution for you.