Why does downloading take so long? Next week we are running a campaign. Can we get a faster connection for four days? Do you have similar questions, but your provider is unable to help you? If so, NDI Internet is perfect for you! With Internet by NDI, you are guaranteed to have Internet access with the speed, reliability and flexibility that suit your organisation, all for a fixed monthly fee. We can also investigate why your existing Internet connection is slow and trace and solve specific problems. This leaves you to focus on what really matters for your organisation.


In practice
We arrange Internet for you – from application to use, wireless or wired. We link up branches into a single, secured corporate network. In the event of breakdowns, our specialists and can be called upon via a single point of contact and depending on what has been agreed, are on breakdown standby 24 hours a day.


Internet from NDI can be entirely adjusted to your organisation's development. Do you need additional bandwidth or Internet at a second location? We will arrange it for you. If your router breaks down, we will of course also solve this for you. This flexibility is within reach for a fixed monthly fee.


What you get?
Internet is an important link in your ICT chain. We will provide you with a connection that is geared to your needs. In advance, you choose the necessary bandwidth and distribution. This determines the maximum speed and guaranteed speed. A variety of technologies can be applied for the delivery of Internet access.


Delivery can be made through copper cables or, in the event of larger distances or higher speeds, by means of fibre-optic cables. The connections delivered by NDI are always synchronous. That means the download and upload speeds are always equally high.


NDI arranges the entire delivery of the connection, from the point where the connection enters your office up to the workplace. You will receive a router on loan or NDI will configure your own router for you. In addition, we also arrange the cabling, take into account the applicable safety requirements, and of course, test the connection with you.


The connections are continuously monitored by NDI in order to guarantee quality. This means you can enjoy a guaranteed uptime of at least 99.5%. Should an incident occur, we visit you on-site to solve it for you.


Our work is normally carried out outside office hours and in consultation with you and as standard, you are given an IPv4 address. Multiple IP addresses are issued, if so required.


Call +31 (0)88 088-4300 for an appointment or send us an e-mail at interesse@ndi.nl. We are happy to visit your organisation to discuss the best solution for you.