Is it snowing on your new 50" HD TV? You decided to install a number of splitters and now you're pleased to have television in all your conference rooms...with snow? Do you need to knock on your neighbour's door for the latest CNBC news? If so, Digital TV by NDI is perfect for you.
Digital TV by NDI offers you better sound and vision with a much wider selection of television channels for a fi xed monthly fee, as well as the option to watch television on your PC.


In practice
We can install Digital TV in your office, on your existing television set, by means of a set-top box. We can neatly tuck away any cabling and, depending on what has been agreed, our specialists are on breakdown standby 24 hours a day.


Digital TV by NDI can be entirely adjusted to your organisation's development. Are you going to expand and do you wish to have Digital TV in your new office? We will arrange it for you. That just goes without saying. This flexibility is within reach for a fixed monthly fee.


What you get?
Television as you are used to at home, but in the office instead. This includes a package of channels that can be extended according to personal preference. NDI arranges the entire process, from correct cabling (if not already present) up to the configuration of your TV.
In the event of technical problems or if you want to provide additional sets with television, a single phone call is all that's needed. Click here for the current channel overview


Call +31 (0)88 088-4300 for an appointment or send us an e-mail at We are happy to visit your organisation to discuss the best solution for you.