Are you working on an important document and your workstation suddenly reboots because a new update needs to be installed? Do you suddenly find that your documents are encrypted because your virus scanner is not up to date? Then NDI’s workplace management is for you. For a fixed monthly fee, we monitor all workstations remotely and ensure that all critical updates are carried out.


In practice

We ensure that all software, including the antivirus software, is automatically updated on all workstations. We check the CPU and disk space of the workstations and periodically install Windows and Office updates. With workplace management from NDI, we can take over the device at the user’s request to solve urgent malfunctions.


Flexible management

Moreover, NDI’s workplace management can be fully adapted to the development of your organisation. Is the company growing? Within an hour, we will have an agent installed on the new employee’s workstation. The same applies if the occupancy is temporarily slightly lower. That is self-evident to us. For a fixed amount per month, you have this flexibility at your fingertips.


What will you get?

Workplace management covers several different aspects. We not only monitor the device remotely but also visit regularly for necessary maintenance. During these visits, one of our engineers is responsible for cleaning and checking the workplace to guarantee optimal performance. Non-urgent incidents and malfunctions can also be remedied during the management visit.

The software that NDI uses to manage workstations is installed on every device and runs in the background without disturbing the users. This software also enables us to remotely take over your device on request to solve urgent problems.

Every month you will receive a management and maintenance report with an overview of all workstations and licenses. Depending on the level of support, this report will be supplemented with an overview of the outstanding tickets.



Please contact us and we will reach to you to discuss the posibilities or to make an appointment for a visit.