Can you see a tangle of cables behind your desk? Does your server room look like a plate of spaghetti? Or have your cables been stuck to the floor with sticky tape to prevent you from tripping? Do you have insufficient cable connections in your new office or are those handy extension leads merely 'temporary'? If so, NDI cabling is perfect for you!

With NDI, you can count on certified and tested cabling that meets the latest quality and safety standards. More importantly, everything is neatly tucked away, fitted with a label and documented. This leaves you to focus on what really matters for your organisation.


In practice
We organise the design and installation, as well as the renovation or expansion of your network. We install data, telecom, fi bre-optic and electricity cables, as well as wireless networks. In addition to making sure everything works, everything will be out of sight.


NDI makes you very flexible. Is your organisation growing? New recruits are up and running in no time, without any cables in sight of course! That just goes without saying.


What you get?
Anyone can connect a cable. However, the cabling in your office is a different kettle of fish. Speed issues may be caused by poor cabling. NDI works with professional cable engineers who, in addition to installing and connecting the cables, also carry out the measurements needed to determine the quality of the required cabling. NDI can also certify the cabling.


Cluttering and dangerous situations caused by a lack of structure in cabling are no exception. We make sure that the tangle of cables in the workspaces and the 'spaghetti' in the patch cabinet are cleared up or structured. This is often possible simply by creating a number of additional connections.


All we need is a floor plan of your office. If this is not available, we will create one for you. All workplaces will be indicated on this plan and it is assessed which access points are desired per workplace – including power supply, data, telecommunications or perhaps wireless. Once all this has been mapped out, the most suitable solution for your office is selected in conjunction with the cabling engineer.


If there is a need to drill or mill, we will of course ensure that everything is restored to its original condition. If the safety regulations so demand, NDI will supply halogen-free cables in combination with fire-resistant sealing.


Call +31 (0)88 088-4300 for an appointment or send us an e-mail at We are happy to visit your organisation to discuss the