You probably have seen in the media that a wifi vulnerability has been discovered (the ‘KRACK attacks’), which can lead to the interception of all unencrypted network traffic through wifi.


If you are using a wifi connection, it is important to make sure that it is encrypted and secure to prevent abuse.


The good news is that the problem can be solved. In the meantime, many manufacturers are working on updates which can be used to kill the attack.

An update for Windows 10 is already available. We are in agreement with the suppliers of wifi supplied by us for the updates, and will install them on the NDI-managed equipment as soon as they are available.


What can you do? Make sure your devices with wifi access, such as your mobile phone or tablet, have the latest updates. For more information on updates or developments, we recommend the site of the National Cyber Security Center:


In addition, you are (relatively) secure on sites which use HTTPS, recognizable in your browser by the small lock in front of HTTPS. In any event make sure when you must enter your password or other important information on a website, this website uses HTTPS. The risk is limited when you use encrypted connections like Remote Office, Https and VPN.


We will keep you posted on developments. If you have any questions regarding this mail, please feel free to contact us.