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NDI provides ICT services to 600 business clients in the Randstad from its four branches across the Netherlands. We look after all or part of your ICT, leaving you to focus on the things that matter to you.
Making sure ICT fits!
12 May 2015A one hour workout with Olivier Otten of Hello Zuidas
Every now and then Chris van Hattum takes on the challenge to engage in a sporting event with an NDI client relationship. For this edition Chris joins Olivier Otten for a tennis match. Olivier is director of ‘Hello Zuidas’. Read more
16 February 2015Referentiecase- KFC Holding
KFC is al jaren flink aan het uitbreiden in Nederland en zal ook de komende jaren flink blijven groeien. Belangrijk bij iedere onderneming, en helemaal als al de energie gericht is op expansie, is dat u zich bezighoudt met datgene waar u goed in bent en u niet wordt afgeleid door randzaken. Een goed georganiseerde ICT-infrastructuur is datgene waar NDI KFC in ondersteunt.
06 March 2014A one-hour workout with Jurrijn Laan of Nefli Groep
Every month Chris van Hattum takes on the challenge to engage in a sport with a relationship of NDI. For this first edition Chris joins Jurrijn Laan for a kickboxing training session. Jurrijn is director and owner of the Nefli Group and a customer of NDI for many years.
03 February 2014TSMC Europe - NDI General
Robert Liao (TSMC Europe): "We have been working with NDI for TSMC Europe B.V. on IT/MIS service since Year 2003. NDI always provides professional suggestions and good quality services to us. No matter on server implementation, network devices replacement, or regular desktop/laptop utilization, we are happy with NDI's service. NDI also has a friendly sales team and strong IT experts to support our need in computer, network, and communication. In addition, the service of NDI's helpdesk is effective and accountable. We are happy that NDI is with us in past 10 years. With good ICT implementation, TSMC Europe B.V. can continuously provide the best customer services to EMEA customers."